What we do:

  • We will provide a professional business valuation based on industry standards.

  • We will list your business on six (6) online business listing sites such as BizBuySell, BizQuest and many more. Your listing will be viewed by thousands of prospective buyers.

  • We will prepare a multi page color brochure of your business detailing the selling points and advantages of purchase.

  • We will respond to all leads and send Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA’S) to each interested party to protect your interests.

* We will market your business to our large data base of prospective small business buyers

* We will assist with the “due diligence” period.

  • We will negotiate the sale and create closing documents for the completion of the sale.

You have built your business thru hard work, endless hours of worry, planning, sleepless nights and way too many sacrifices to even list. We can truly say: “We understand”. We will not only sell your business, We will negotiate the best price and terms available so that those many hours payoff for you and your family. In a risk/reward world, you have put it all on the line, you deserve this moment.

Trusting the sale of your business to an unqualified or inexperienced person is penny wise and pound foolish. In our journeys, we have seen “for sale by owner” businesses, that were priced as much as 30-40% too low in an effort to save commissions. I have also seen businesses that were way overpriced, and the owner had no idea why it had not already sold.

We will provide you with a valuation that makes sense and is in accordance with industry standards for your industry! Our commission rate is 8% for most transactions and even less for larger businesses. Typical brokerage commission are 10-12% of the sold price. We literally save you thousands of dollars and in some cases, tens of thousands.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.
John F. Kennedy